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After over a year and a half of battling fibromyalgia, I had stopped care with another practitioner over scheduling problems. My pain levels reached an all time high. I’d hit a wall with western treatments and didn’t want to start just adding new pharmaceuticals. I was pretty much convinced that I would be in pain, struggling, not the mother and wife I wanted to be, for the rest of my life. I am only 36! What a sad and hopeless place to be. After a particularly high pain day, my husband finally convinced me to start looking for a new acupuncturist as he knew my treatments had brought me some relief. I cannot begin to describe how very fortunate I feel to have found Jennifer. Upon walking into her office and starting my consultation with her, I immediately felt at ease. She has an extremely calming demeanor and is very thoughtful. Her office is soothing and peaceful. At risk of sounding cheesy, Jennifer is a healer. She is passionate about her work, extremely knowledgeable, and truly wants to get to the ROOT of your problem....even if it is a challenge. Anyone who has dealt with chronic pain issues knows that sometimes it seems like the doctors want to just throw pills at you to make you stop complaining, so eventually you just decide to live with the pain. Not Jennifer. She really wants to know how you’re doing because she knows each symptom has merit and information to help her find an appropriate treatment for you. She is extremely knowledgeable, but also not afraid to do research and consult with colleagues on certain matters. She is the first practitioner I feel like has not given up on or gotten frustrated with helping me, and I can’t thank her enough. After 2 months of weekly treatments and Chinese herbs, Jennifer has helped my pain reach an all time LOW. I could cry when I write that, because I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever feel *almost* normal again. If you are suffering from chronic illness of any type, I urge you to reach out to her. You won’t regret it!!!! Thank you Jennifer!!!!!!
— Erin R., Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer has been treating me for multiple ailments, most stemming from stress and overlooked by my general physician. I always immediately feel relaxed during my appointments and can’t say enough of her technique and care. She genuinely wants to cure whatever you’re dealing with, you can tell she’s passionate about what she does! She’s incredibly knowledgeable, but is also constantly researching to understand more and be the best source for any questions you might have. I trust her opinion and advice 100%.

I’ve seen the benefits of her treatment long term (and short term!) and I’m thrilled to continue working with her in her new office! We’ve made huge progress and I’m so grateful. Thanks, Jen!!
— Britt K, Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer has helped me beyond belief. She immediately made me feel as ease and explained exactly what she would do. She was willing to answer all my questions as I was very skeptical. She was honest up front on how she felt she could help me. I have had continual pain in both hands for years. After PT, injections and multiple surgeries the doctors couldn’t do anything else to ease the pain. After a few treatments, my pain level went from a 10 to a maximum 3. Now 6 months later, I am on a monthly maintenance program. She has given me pain free hands most of the time, and if they hurt, the pain is minimal. I am able to do things I have not been able to do in years without pain. I highly recommend Jennifer. She is extremely pleasant and professional with a friendly atmosphere. Thank you Jennifer!
— Nancy J., Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer put me at ease the minute I walked in her office. She is calm, knowledgeable, helpful and met my needs. I learned so much about the treatment of my ailment, bells palsy through her applications twice weekly. I highly recommend her expertise and will not hesitate to return for other issues to treat
— Lori G., Yelp Reviewer
I just had a treatment from Jennifer this morning and feel AMAZING. This was my first acupuncture treatment in a few months. We are working on low back pain, neck pain and hormonal imbalances (PMS, adrenals, etc). She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled and her technique is great. She clearly knows her stuff, but more importantly it is obvious that she cares. This is not just a job for her; rather a passion. I would feel very comfortable referring to her. Thanks Jennifer!
— Kirsten S., Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer is just amazingly awesome. I came to Jennifer with extreme anxiety, pregnant, and fearing I would have a 3rd miscarriage. My anxiety and fear felt unbearable. Jennifer discovered that I have MTHFR and this pretty much changed my life for the better. With Jennifer’s help I am happily 6 months pregnant, and anxiety free. I now have so much energy being pregnant, not that I am taking the supplements she recommended. She was also kind enough to see my son who has autism and help him. I highly recommend Jennifer for your pregnancy and family needs.
— Zenaida T., Yelp Reviewer
I cannot say enough positive things about Jennifer at The Root Wellness. I started acupuncture with Jennifer because I suffered from year round allergies for over a decade. After a month of seeing Jennifer and taking her recommended Chinese herbal supplements I immediately started to feel my symptoms dissipate. I have been going to her for about 3 months now and I feel amazing. Jennifer has changed my life for the better and has done what traditional medicine couldn’t do. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to listen to all my problems/concerns. Her office and treatments rooms are beautiful and soothing. I highly recommend anyone looking for an acupuncturist to give Jennifer a try.
— JT., Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer Niemeyer is amazing. I went into this appointment very skeptical. I am not a big fan of needles and did not know how Oriental Medicine could help me. I let the appointment feeling fully relaxed and distressed. Jennifer is calm, intelligent, understanding, and helpful. I would definitely go back to her. I would have no problem referring any of my friends of family to her. Top Notch!
— Travis D., Yelp Reviewer
Visiting The Root Wellness and Jennifer was truly an amazing experience! I went in as a first timer and received a cupping and acupuncture treatment. i came out of it truly relaxed and refreshed. My back pain was instantly gone. Jennifer is extremely professional and was very sensitive to my needs and wants. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking into any wellness treatments!
— Jason H., Yelp Reviewer
I saw Jennifer for my first acupuncture experience. I have had a fear of needles in the past but Jennifer was so kind and calmed my anxiety and fears right away. I was surprised with how much I did not feel and how much the treatment helped to relieve my migraine. She has set up wonderful and calm treatment rooms. I was truly able to relax and not fear. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely return.
— Ciara H., Google Reviewer
Ok. My neck pain last three days was horrible. I couldn’t sleep all night three nights ago. I took advil, I drank alcohol and was in pain. Then I had Jennifer treat me today and in five hours I’m pain free. From a 7 in pain today to a zero! I’m telling you people if you’ve not tried acupuncture you should because it works!
— John K., Google Reviewer
After nine years of exploration and disappointment with Western medicine, I found Jennifer at The Root Wellness and was on a path to healing within one month. Jennifer listens, heals and educates. Before meeting Jennifer, I took ibuprofen almost daily to ‘help’ with my chronic, yet intermittent, inflammation and redness in my eyes. Since beginning acupuncture and herbs with Jennifer, I no longer take ibuprofen and my eyes are clear. Jennifer helped me understand my body’s response to stress and taught me how to read the ‘symptoms’ as clues to help me heal. The five-star rating really cannot capture the change she made for me. She is a gifted healer.
— Lisa P., Yelp Reviewer
Jennifer was really amazing. I had been struggling with major sinus issues and ear pain for months. She really listened to my symptoms and was able to get rid of the pain. Highly recommend her for any acupuncture services.
— Ashley E., Yelp Reviewer
I have had a great experience with Jennifer. I have tried many other Western medicine treatments for my symptoms that just left me feeling worse. I was ready to try an alternative treatment, and I needed an expert that could make me feel comfortable. Jennifer is an expert, she was able to answer my questions, and really listened to my ailments, and addressed each one. I liked that she informed me, at the beginning, what the treatment would cost and how long the treatment would be, and what I needed to do to help in the treatment. there was a few lifestyle changes I had to do to help my symptoms, these were hard, but were necessary. Now, a few months out, I am so much better then when I started! I am so thankful for Jennifer and all her help. I would recommend her to anyone. She is really great at what she does.
— Laurie E., Yelp Reviewer