Dr. Jennifer Niemeyer DAOM, L.Ac.



Dr. Jennifer Niemeyer is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Niemeyer grew up in the City of Auburn, California and is an Alumni of Placer High School. After High School, she went on to get her Bachelor of Arts degree at Cal State Sacramento. Dr. Niemeyer received her Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University in Anaheim, California.

In 2018, Dr. Niemeyer completed her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Five Branches University in San Jose. Dr. Niemeyer did her Capstone thesis project on Gu Syndrome and its relationship to Ulcerative Colitis and other Autoimmune conditions.

A Few Thoughts

I was drawn to Acupuncture and Natural healing because of my own struggles with my health. In High School I overworked myself by having too many commitments and extra curricular activities. So by the time I went away to college I was burnt out and unable to keep up at the same level of activity.

I didn't know it at the time but I was struggling with adrenal fatigue. I began to have panic attacks, chronic fatigue, and depression. I sought help from Western Medicine and was quickly put on anti-depressants. They didn't help me and in fact made the situation worse. So I reached out to a Natural health practitioner, she put me on the path to health and healing the natural way. Ever since my great experience with natural medicine I sought out a way that I could help others. It was then I had my first experience with Acupuncture. 

My experience with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has been amazing. It has changed the way I look at the human body and its relationship to our environment. Oriental Medicine looks at the entire body as completely connected and unable to be separated; your mind, body, soul, and environment are interconnected. Meaning your headache, stomach ache and depression could all be from the same imbalance and it needs to be looked at in context of the whole. If you begin to separate these symptoms and treat them with drugs by suppressing them, the problem will not be resolved and may return in a different manifestation of symptoms. 

The Root Wellness has two meanings. I work to find the Root of the issue so that your problem may be resolved as completely as possible. The Root also means, "the path", to health, healing, and wellness. So if you're ready I would love to help you on your path to being well.

-Dr. Jennifer Niemeyer

*As a side note: I do believe that Western Medication, Tests, and Treatment have a place in modern Medicine. I just believe that we should go a more natural route whenever possible. So if you're on medications, don't be discouraged. In some situations it is completely to your benefit and necessary. Never go off of a medication without talking to your prescribing Doctor.