Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Most of the time you won’t feel anything. Every once and a while you might feel a slight pinch, but this dissipates quickly. Other things you will feel are: a heaviness around the needle, a tingling, ants crawling across the skin, or absolutely NOTHING! Most of my patients fall asleep during treatment, it’s very relaxing.

The needles I use are single use, sterilized, solid, stainless steel needles. The size I use is anywhere from .16mm-.25mm. The average sized medical syringe is 28.5mm, so much bigger than an Acupuncture needle.

How Many Treatments do i need?

The amazing thing about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is that it’s tailored to you. There is no way for me to know prior to your first visit. After your first visit, I will be able to give you a treatment plan which will tell you how often and how long I want to see you. This is my best guess about what will need to be done in order to get the best results. However, everyone is different and responds differently to treatment.

Things that work in your favor:

  1. If the onset of the condition is recent

  2. If you are otherwise fairly healthy

  3. If you don’t take many prescription medications

  4. If you are young and active

    If you don’t fit in any of these categories, don’t lose hope. You will most likely still get great benefits from treatment, it may just take longer to heal your body.

What does Acupuncture and Oriental medicine treat?

The answer is, we treat the person, not just the condition. This is the opposite of what you get when you go to a Western MD. We grow up thinking it’s normal to see different doctors for different parts of the body. In Oriental Medicine we take the entire picture of the person into consideration. All of the symptoms your having, what you’re eating, the type of constitution you have: all these things matter to us. It is truly a Holistic Medicine. So when you think about it from that perspective, there isn’t much we can’t treat.