About Optimum Health Institute


Dr. Tod Todd, D.N. holds a doctorate in Naturopathy, the study of holistic health practices.  He has been in practice for 25 years in the Roseville area and works closely with other doctors and specialists, who frequently refer their patients.  He works with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, providing a wide range of services.  He specializes in alternative cancer therapies and digestive issues as well as restorative physiotherapy techniques for accident victims.

Some types of insurance will cover holistic services provided by the Optimum Health Centre.  They also accept HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and other employee health benefits, so be sure to ask!  If you have suffered from an accident and have an attorney representing you, you may also be eligible to receive services on a lien, so as to avoid up-front costs.

The Optimum Health Institute offers a variety of holistic health services including nutritional counseling, restorative massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy, herbology and homeopathy.  You will find a thorough and well-balanced approach to healing in all our modalities, whether we are assisting with alternative cancer therapies, digestive disorders, or recovery from an accident.



Magnusson Family Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Magnusson



…to our Chiropractic practice. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce our practice to you and to help you achieve optimum health through the services we provide. Our office is committed to providing you with excellent treatment in a friendly, caring and relaxed environment. To ensure that we are meeting our objectives, we consistently attend educational seminars to learn and study new ways of helping our patients regain their health. Our office will assist you with any questions regarding treatment recommendations, coordination of appointments, insurance and financial issues you might have. It is our goal to make your visits with us as smooth and comfortable as we can and to help Mother Nature restore your body to optimum health as quickly as possible. We encourage your questions and welcome your comments along with your active participation in your care. We thank you for your trust and confidence and look forward to helping you with your healthcare goals.


Scott W. Magnusson, D.C.