What is Acupuncture Good For?

If you haven't had an experience with Acupuncture or Eastern Medicine you may wonder, "What is Acupuncture good for?" 

The short Answer is. . . Everything!!!! 

Let me explain. 

   As an Acupuncturist, many of my patients come to me as a last resort. They have been to medical Doctors and Specialists, they are on many prescription medications. By the time patients get to me, they have tried everything they can think of, they are chronically sick and in pain, they are exhausted and at the end of their rope. I am happy to be there for them, to try to unravel their complex case histories and improve their quality of life. I said Acupuncture is good for everything. That doesn't mean that it is a cure all. There are diseases that can't be completely reversed by Acupuncture, but it can absolutely improve conditions.  

My goal is to communicate to people out there to seek Acupuncture before your condition gets to this point. You may think, "I haven't been diagnosed with a disease, What would you treat me for?" When we say Acupuncture is a Holistic treatment, what we mean is this. Acupuncturists don't look at one symptom or condition, we look at the person, their environment, diet, emotions and how that is affecting their ability to live a life that is Optimal.  

Do you wake up in the morning with a spring in your step? 

Are you able to fully digest and assimilate your food? 

How do you respond to inevitable stress in your life? 

Are your bowel movements normal? 

Do you have to reach for coffee to get through the day? 

Are you able to fall asleep quickly and deeply? 

There are many imbalances, signs and symptoms your body will give you before it manifests in a disease. If you reach for Acupuncture first, we have the ability to optimize and balance your body before we are your last resort. It's about preventing disease, allow me to be your first resort. In California, Acupuncturists are Primary Care Providers. We are trained to identify when a disease or symptom is beyond our scope of practice, in order to send you to a Western Medical Doctor; In cases where western medicine can treat something more safely and efficiently.  

In the West, Acupuncture is seen mainly as a treatment for pain. Acupuncture is amazing for pain, but if you think that is the only thing we can treat, it is underestimating the power of this amazing Medicine.   

I've seen incredible things happen with this medicine. From improving a woman’s menstrual cycle, to healing acne, and getting rid of chronic headaches, all the way to improving limb numbness and paralysis in a stroke patient.  

Are you living your life as healthy as you want to be? If the answer is no, make an appointment with me. Your body will thank you!

-Jennifer Niemeyer L.Ac.                                    Subscribe to Our Wellness Newsletter

Roseville, California